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Win tickets to Eurovision Gala Night on Saturday!

You may have heard that Eurovision diva Conchita Wurst who won last year’s Eurovision for Austria has cancelled her performance at the Eurovision Gala Night on Saturday, at the very last minute. But it is not the ‘wurst’ thing that can happen is it? And in fact event organisers swiftly found an equally striking and, let’s face […]

Luxembourg 12 points, for massive Eurovision Gala Night!

It’s kind of ironic that a country that pulled out of the official Eurovision Song contest back in 1993, is in 2014, about to host a Eurovision Gala Night celebration that apparently is the biggest in Europe! Or maybe it is actually because the country pulled out? Who knows, but Luxembourg is about to do […]

4 to The Floor for District 7 EP release!

There’s going to be a revolution at the Rockhal on 24th October! District 7 are one of those local bands that have crept up behind us and suddenly screamed BOO! That is to say they started off calmly enough like any other band, but ever since they won “Best Live Performance” at Screaming Fields in 2013, […]

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