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The complete FUZE guide to Sonic Visions 2014!

We’ve put together a day-by-day break-down guide for this year’s Sonic Visions festival especially concentrating on the music conferences making it easier to follow what’s going on and when (we hope). Pick and click on a day!  For more information visit the website: www.sonicvisions.lu  Email

Sonic Visions Saturday: All about the music industry

To complete the trio of FUZE articles, this one is all about day 3 – Saturday!  The theme for this day seems to be about the music industry, promotion and making money from being a musician. So here the conferences and what’s  awaiting you on Saturday… Sonic Visions Music Conferences & Festival  – Saturday programme! (Click […]

Sonic Visions Friday: All about touring & more

As you guys seemed to like the FUZE article about Thursday as Sonic Visions we thought we’d continue with the other days too…. There’s a lot to take-in for Sonic Visions on Friday, day 2 of Sonic Visions with focus on touring and playing gigs abroad. But the day also covers promotion, marketing and a […]

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