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& promoting local music

Hear great local music at Multipistes Showcase Night!

Multipistes, the Greater Region project helping to support, train and indeed promote local music artists is reaching a climax this year with its annual Showcase night on Thursday 28 May in Nancy. Email

Screaming Fields 2015 – something for school bands to shout about

It’s here, it’s arrived, it’s Screaming Fields 2015! Get ready for a new round of young school-band (and solo artist) talent starting from sign up day, Friday 24th April, until the actual performance day of selected artist on 11th July. Email

Luxembourg acts, watch your “R” pronunciation when singing!

As a native Englishman, I’d just like to offer up a little pronunciation advice if I may when it comes to singing in English which I guess is about 90% of Luxembourg acts! Email

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