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FUZE Acoustics returns to Purple Lounge with IRINA!

Well FUZE has been a little bit dormant for a while where concerts are concerned, but for 2015 we are back with FUZE Acoustics Night in the Purple Lounge at Casino 2000. This time we are thrilled to announce that the lovely, and very talented, IRINA and her band will be performing on Thursday 15th January for […]

The complete FUZE guide to Sonic Visions 2014!

We’ve put together a day-by-day break-down guide for this year’s Sonic Visions festival especially concentrating on the music conferences making it easier to follow what’s going on and when (we hope). Pick and click on a day!  For more information visit the website: www.sonicvisions.lu  Email

Sonic Visions Saturday: All about the music industry

To complete the trio of FUZE articles, this one is all about day 3 – Saturday!  The theme for this day seems to be about the music industry, promotion and making money from being a musician. So here the conferences and what’s  awaiting you on Saturday… Sonic Visions Music Conferences & Festival  – Saturday programme! (Click […]

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