FUZE luxembourg

& promoting local music


What is FUZE?

Quite simply, an English language platform dedicated to supporting and helping the promotion of local music to, and beyond, the Luxembourgish community.

Why the name FUZE?

Fusion or the verb “fuse”: No better words describe Luxembourg and the Greater Region, where communities, languages and of course cultures all fuse together. Our quest is a local music cross-community fusion on the web and on radio. We added a Z to our name to give it a touch of “pizzazz”.

Why in English?

If the aim of FUZE is to promote local music to a wider audience, it needs to be in an international language that reaches across communities. Most musicians sing and write their websites and promotional material in English and as a widely understood neutral language for Luxembourg and the Greater Region, it’s the obvious choice!



the new FUZE crew


Website http://www.fuze.lu

Mail: adam@fuze.lu

Function: FUZE founder, Journalist, Communications, Marketing

Adam Walder

Adam comes from a family with a musical background. He’s a journalist at heart and came to Luxembourg from the UK nearly a decade ago. However somehow he began his Grand Duchy career in the finance sector – guess it was the money! Eventually he broke free to follow his journalism calling, and now works on the English version of the Luxemburger Wort website – wort.lu still possessing a great interest in music. Frustrated that the vast international community of Luxembourg was not hearing great local music, and local media not really doing much to help the matter, Adam set up FUZE together with Daniel Clarens, with the aim of spreading the local music word to a wider audience – the rest, as they say, is history.



Website http://www.fuze.lu

Mail: chris@fuze.lu

Function: FUZE crew

Chris Reitz

Chris first picked up a violin and started playing at the age of 6. Two years ago he dropped classical music in favour of the electric violin. As a founding member of the Luxembourg band Anthem Of The Sun, he found himself exposed to a whole different approach to music and instantly fell in love. And so ‘that strange guy with the violin’ and lots of hair from Anthem Of The Sun, with his varied background and fascination for music, took the plunge to join the FUZE team.



Website http://clada.lu

Mail: daniel@fuze.lu

Function: FUZE founder, Designer, Photographer

Daniel Clarens

Daniel is 25 years old and in the luxembourgish community he is also known as clada. Over the last few years he has been studying computer graphics in Namur and communication design in Mannheim. Here he discovered his passion for photography, especially sports and concert-photography. Since 2009 he is working as a freelance photographer for the "Luxemburger Wort", "Radio DNR" and "Télécran". In summer 2010 Adam Walder and Daniel created a community called fuze, helping to support and promote Luxembourg talent to a wider audience.


noah Fohl

Coming soon!




Mail: sam@fuze.lu


sam Flammang

Sam is 21 years old and known as a workhorse in photo and video production in Luxembourg. After a few friends talked him into doing a band portrait in 2010, he became struck with the passion of photography. Since early 2013, he's been doing concert photography and videography only. He is mainly working for FUZE and stay tuned, as he takes his time to blog about his experiences on his personal website.