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Anthem of the Sun
Anthem of the Sun is a young newcomer band from Luxembourg. Our music is some kind of Rock/Pop. An important aspect is the multitude of different influences including Musical, Soul, Hard Rock and many more. What makes us different is the use of the electric violin, which is not only a substitute of the lead guitar.The band was founded in the summer of 2009 by Patrick (guitar / back. vocals), Laurent (keys), Christophe (electric violin) and Jeff (drums). Songwriting and rehearsals began, we played our first gig at the Food for your Senses Festival 2010. Soon more concerts at Rockhal (Screaming Fields Festival) and Kulturfabrik followed.
band members
Esther Conter – Vocals
Patrick Kraus – Vocals/Guitar
Christophe Reitz – E-Violin
Laurent Krier – Keyboards
Philipp Colling – Bass
Jeff Hennico – Drums
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