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■ The History
Founded in 2010, Birdbones had an extensive presence throughout Luxembourg in 2011. They released their first single “Every Single One of Us” which was frequently played on the radio, as well as a video clip.  They played a dense concert tour and participated in different workshops to improve their songwriting and stage performance. There were some line-up changes in 2012, which led to the introduction of the new Amsterdam-based singer Romy. They then intensely worked on their first album entitled “Phoenix”, a name reflecting the band’s own story. With this first album, Birdbones are planning to spread their wings and cross the borders to reach new grounds.

■ The Sound
Colourful harmonies, haunting melodies, emotional lyrics and solid, pulsating grooves are the key aspects of Birdbones’ characteristic sound. Although, at first sight, rock appears to be a prevalent element, it’s difficult to describe their music with one specific style. They work with a range of different genres, reaching from progressive to world music.

band members

Romy Ouwerkerk – Vocals
Dan Kramp – Guitar
Jonah Neuser – Bass
Erik Stein – Drums

Social Networks
Founded & Style
Rock-based fusion

Email: birdbones@gmx.com

Tel: Jonah: +352 661928809
Tel: Erik:    +352 621659889

For band photos, technical rider and a digital press kit, visit: www.birdbones.com

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