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Cassée is a psychedelic post rock band from Luxembourg, consisting of 3 men playing bass,
drums and guitar. Before we started the band, we had been jamming together, sharing the same
passion for loud and unconventional music, bla bla bla…After a year of rehearsing we finally
played our first show on 7th April 2014 followed by a couple of shows in Luxembourg at such
places as the Café Rocas, the Eat Your Feet Festival or the Kolla Festival. During the winter
Zeepunkt, our bassist, made his first ever attempt at recording and mixing a band in DIY Fashion
with very basic equipment. We are going to present to you the result of this first Cassée Record
on the 2nd of May 2015. We play everywhere, we don’t care where! (we only need electricity)
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 instrumental psychedelic post rock
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