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De Läb
“De Läb” is a luxembourgish Hip-Hop Collective, founded in 2006 by three young fellows
from the “Minett” in the south of Luxembourg.
Corbi (rapping & beats), David Fluit (rapping & cuts) and Dj Lomki aka Jazzy Jeff (live-dj &
cuts), are skillfully, and not without a hint of irony, representing the ways of the “New
School” blended with the mentality from back in the days and come across funky-fresh
with a healthy sense of humor.
Their poetry concerning various subjects, which is made in the “Läb-cave”, is essentially
synthesized in luxembourgish. From politics over everyday life in Luxembourg to more
personal themes, all of the ingredients are being very carefully observed, analyzed and
laid out in Läb-jargon. “De Läb’s“ music is cheering up its listeners but also sending out
some deeper thoughts every now and then.
“De Läb” is a true live-band, dedicated to take their audience in a swing and make them
move. To underline the Live-effect, René “Daiwelskärel” Macri on the bass and Mike
“Blueprint” Zeyer on the drums joined the crew and put some real instruments in the show.
Ever since, they have been roaming the country, invading the smallest pub-bars and
playing on big stage festivals rocking the crowd.
One thing is for sure:
“De Läb” has become an important part of the luxembourgish music-scene and is
constantly surprising their audience with new acoustic massages.
band members
Corbi (Räp & Beats)
david fluit (Räp & Skrätch)
dj Lomki (Skrätch & Beats & Live-DJ)
mike “blueprint” (Drum & Beats)
RENé den Daiwelskärel (Bass)
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Luxembourgish Hip Hop
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