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 Feradur is a melodic death metal band formed in 2006. The first stable line-up in 2009 led to the recording of their first demo CD called “Demoncracy” which was released in 2010 on the self-organised festival “Andethana” in Niederanven. Since then, Feradur have played but a few shows in Luxembourg and Germany; they mainly worked on their album “Epimetheus” which will be released in 2015.The band’s musical intention is to mix old school death metal with catchy riffs in order to create their proper sound containing heavy riffing and epic melodies. Each song stands for itself but they all have the same contextual root: the decay of the human mind and the outcome of its pride and lunacy.
band members
Yannick Gaasch – Vocals
Fridtjof Kielgast – Bass
Michel Weber – Drums
Michel Strock – Guitar
Daniel Gloden – Guitar
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Founded & Style
Formed: 2006,
Style: Melodic Death Metal / Luxemborg Metal
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