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Since the creation in 2009 the band FIONA ON FIRE marks its territory off the beaten tracks with respect to sounds, way of arranging songs and writing lyrics. The songs combine sincere feelings, flaming rage, melancholic thoughts with the explosive energy of alternative rock music – ending up with an extremely intense and unpredictable listening. The songs are meant to turn dark thoughts, worries, hope and passion into words and music. FIONA´s music is to be seen as a mirror for our comfortable “tiny-world” dominated by indifference and double standards – so that all the filthy hushed-up courtyards of our society are coming to light. Most important musical feature is the bass guitar with dominant and sometimes menacing low frequencies which take over a central place within the musical universe of FIONA ON FIRE. Frequently playing a secondary role in other bands and styles this instrument is now by purpose brought into the spotlight of the scene. The guitar-sound being another important “FIONA-brand-recognition” is heavily based beyond the instrument itself on all types of effects, delays, reverbs and spherical ambiance. FIONA constantly follows new ways of sounding and by that offers new and interesting musical food.

band members

– Ludovic Fichet (Guitar & Sound)
– Jo Batteux (Bass Guitar)
– Jürgen Meerfeld (Vocals)
– Khaled Lachiheb (Drums)

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Founded & Style
Founded:  2009
Style: Alternative / Indie Rock
Email contact: fionaisonfire@googlemail.com                 Or: mrmmusicproduction@gmail.com
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