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Building on rock roots, Grace blends in elements of pop, blues, folk and americana, creating a mixture as diverse as its members’ heritage.

Grace was founded in 2011, originally just as a way to pass the time during the weekends of dull Luxembourg weather, by Claudia (vocals) and Manuel (guitar and vocals). Bits of inspirations started falling into place and the band began to evolve. In time, and with the arrival of Lutz, Klemen and Luis (lead guitar, bass and drums respectively) the band formed its core of rock and roll and recorded their first four-song demo. Grace are currently focused on playing and increasing their fan base, with plans to have their first full-length recording done within 2015.

band members
Claudia TESCHNER, Vocals, piano, keyboards
Klemen PERKO, Bass guitar
Luis EMILIANI, drums
Lutz BERNEKE, lead guitar, vocals
Manuel BRUSCHY, guitar, vocals, keyboard
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Founded & Style
Founded: 2011
Style: Rock
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