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Jazz From Hell

Jazz From Hell is a French bass, drum & guitar trio that explores a style at the border between jazz and fusion.

Far from the standards, the temptation to create sound pictures. Jazz From Hell is the unlikely encounter between opposing musical styles: jazz melodies contrasted by the severity of the rock. The Mosellan band alternates between gentle and violence. Born in 2004, the formation of Paul, Jeremie and Cyril continues to set to music the travel diaries of the great masters: Frank Zappa, Eric Serra, Erik Truffaz or Steve Vai.

The first album, “Une vision climatisee de l’enfer” reveals a mixture of sweetness and violence.

band members

Jeremie Grandhaye : Guitar
Cyril Guyot : Drums
Paul Comin : Bass

Social Networks
Founded & Style
Border between jazz and fusion
Contact and booking:
Frédéric DEL PINO
Email: frederic@Jazz-From-Hell.com
Tel: +33 6 66 36 88 74
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