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Jochen Leuf
Growing up in a family of music lovers, Jochen Leuf always had a passion for music. After trying various musical instruments he settled in to the beauty of singing and songwriting,playing concerts from Amsterdam to Istanbul. With his band, including musicians Toby Urbanand Hannah Fortenbacher, Jochen Leuf combines singing, loop station, beat box, didgeridoo,accordion and percussion. Together the group creates a unique universe of intense music that leads to a simple message: love of life and freedom. Jochen is currently working on his new EP and official video to be released at the end of March 2014 in his hometown of Trier, Germany.
band members
Jochen Leuf (Guit, Voc, Didgeridoo, Loop Station)
Hannah Fortenbacher (Guit, Voc)
Toby Urban (Akkordeon, Voc, Beatbox, Piano)
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Singer Songwriter Didgeridoo Loopstation Multiinstrumentalist
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