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Josh Oudendijk
Josh Oudendijk
 If you have an unpronounceable last name to all foreigners, give your guitar names and drink vegetable smoothies every day you better play some good music. After releasing his self-produced debut album Nylon at the age of 16 in December 2014, Josh Oudendijk has been steadily rocketing himself towards the top of the Luxembourgish music scene. While continuing to refine his sound in his style of pop-folk and indie, Josh continues to play show after show in Luxembourgish venues and abroad.The Dutch singer-songwriter first picked up a guitar at the age of 6. Today, he has evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist writing many original tracks and songs. He looks up to many great musicians such as John Mayer and Tommy Emmanuel while always placing his own style of music into his compositions. He is a winner of the Screaming Fields Festival in 2015 and was given two prizes, one of them including the prize for the best song, which he received for “Letter for Eva”.
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 Josh Oudendijk
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Style: Pop-folk, Indie
Founded: 2014
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