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Lata Gouveia
Lata Gouveia’s sound has been described by some as Dire Straits meets Nashville. This may be superficially accurate, but Lata’s strongest influence is a bit older than the “sultans of swing” merchants and comes from a bit further west.

Lata kept his baby face and his enthusiasm for making original music despite celebrating 20 years of playing live in 2014. His fans tend to be lovers of Dylan, John Hiatt, Knopfler, Springsteen and Tom Petty, even if he is 30 to 40 years younger than those giants of song. He lives and plays totally disconnected from passing musictrends and probably would not be able to name more than 10 contemporary artists of note. Stuck in the past he is, but he distils it into something current and increasingly relevant for those who look for an old-school singer, songwriter and performer with something real to say and songs that you can relate to once you’ve become an adult.
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band members

* Lata Gouveia – Rhythm guitar
and lead vocals
* Daniela Kruger – Bass guitar
and backing vocals
* Paul Porcelli – Lead guitar
and backing vocals
* Jeff Herr – Drums

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Founded & Style

Musical style: Americana/ Folk-Rock

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