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My Own Ghost

Julie Rodesch, David Soppelsa, Fred Brever and Joe May are from Luxembourg, Michael Stein from Germany. They got together as David, Joe and Fred were looking for a singer and a drummer.

All of them share a passion for music and hard work. Even though they already got a lot of experience playing with some major bands, they agreed to start from scratch and create their own music, their strength being the different musical backgrounds.

After a lot of debating and discussing, they eventually agreed on the name “My Own Ghost”, which represents the spirit of the music and the personalities of the different musicians.

At the moment the musicians of My Own Ghost spend a lot of time songwriting and rehearsing, creating songs with dynamic guitar-riffs, powerful electronic tweaks and harmonious melodies.

My Own Ghost is ready to rise to new challenges. After a lot of live experience with other projects, they can’t wait to perform their music.

band members
V – Julie Rodesch
G – Fred Brever
G – David Soppelsa
B – Joe May
D – Michael Stein
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Tel: +352 691 792 064
Email: contact@myownghost.com
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