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Natas Loves You
Natas loves you started out playing Psychedelic music in the summer of 2007, they released Their first EP called From Natas with love in 2008.
At first Based in Luxembourg, they moved to Paris, and recorded their second Ep paintings which came out in 2010. They have played alongside bands like Oh no ono or Earland and the Carnival.
Although, their music shifted from retro music, to more modern and dancy pop music, they never forgot their retro roots, and still use beach boys/beatles like harmonies.
They are currently writing new songs for their first album ” the eighth continent ” .
band members
Quinn/Alain – Vocals
Virgile – Bass & Vocals
Joachim – Guitar
Jojo – Drums
Loki/El Brujo/PH – Keyboard & Vocals.
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Pop/Psychedelic/bossa nova/Punk John Barry
Booking & info Tommy Jean: gin.mgmt@gmail.com
Tel: +33 6 47 58 81 59
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