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More than five years have passed since the young musicians, who met back in high-school, started their own cover band project and hence went on a musical and interpersonal journey, gradually gaining experience and growing into a inseparable unit for the sake of music and friendship.
The Noisemakers live up to their name and by now, Luxembourg’s music scene and night life can no longer be imagined without the crazy bunch that heats up any venue, be it a beer tent, a concert hall or a private birthday party, with their broad repertoire including hits from the 60’s up to the newest releases.
band members
Claire Parsons (Vocals)
Nadja Prange (Vocals)
Tanja Duprez (Vocals)
Pit Huberty (E-Guitar)
Pit Ewen (Bass)
Luca Sales (Keyboard)
Leroy Vandivinit (Bugle/Trumpet)
Guy Kellen (Trombone)
Vincent Muller (Saxophone)
Max Duchscher (Drums)
Frank Wagner (Percussion)
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Cover Band
Rock, Pop, Soul, Latin
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