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Like most bands, Only2Sticks first began life behind the doors of a garage. Yann Gengler (guitarist, vocals and songwriter) and Billy Kauffmann (guitarist and songwriter) founded the band in 2010. But something was missing – the drum line!  So a drummer was quickly found with Darren Biggar joining the band and he’s been a core member ever since. After years of working to perform their unique style, they found the latest member of the band, Sophie Lessure (bass). She adapted quickly to the Only2Sticks style. Now the band feels ready for the stage with many songs up their sleeves. They’ll entertain you with a variety of influenced music genres such as rock and grunge, but with an Only2Sticks twist. The band’s latest success was their performance at the Schifflange “Jam Session Festival”, where they won a contest thanks to their energising act. The prize:  a two-day recording session at the most well-known studios in the country. Only2Sticks are an ambitious band and are already planning many future goals.
band members
Yann Gengler –  Vocals, Guitar
Billy Kauffmann – Guitar
Darren Biggar – Drums
Sophie Lessure – Bass
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Founded: 2010
Style: Grunge, Stone-Rock, Punk, Blues-Rock, Classic-Rock
Email: genya133@school.lu
Tel: +352 621 398 665 
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