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Open Seas

The Open Seas’ adventure started end 2011 with ALL THESE YEARS’ release. Two 10-year old friends decided to form a new band to explorer a lot more the pop-rock sound & textures, even the old ones. Key word: melody! Greater Region band, Open Seas delivers a pop-rock music mixing sing-along melodies with rock punchy guitars. The band performs acoustic several times. It’s always a good excuse to revisit their own songs.

In 2012, the band played more than 30 shows in Luxembourg, Belgium & France to promote their EP. They decided to shoot a video for the song YOU ARE THE SUN; 1st single and it worked pretty well in local stations. End of the year, the guys participated in a contest,Printemps de Bourges, and went to the final @ Autre Canal in Nancy (France).

Not braking for a little, they decided to record in April 2013 a new Ep, STRONGER and released it in a room plenty of people ready to dance in Luxembourg City. A 10-show tour followed it, so did some tv interviews, live shows broadcasted on TV (RTL) and singles being played in local radios (RTL, ELDORADIO, DNR, RADIO LATINA…)

End of 2013, the band became a trio and decided to refresh their sound. The song I KEEP ON WALKING is there to prove it. February 14 2014!

band members
David Dreyer (vocals & guitar)
João Silva (guitar, keyboard & back vocals)
Pierre Bihl  (drums & back vocals)
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Founded & Style
Pop Rock
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