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Roundabout has been founded in 2010 in the Atert Lycée Redange, a secondary school in the western part of Luxembourg. That’s still the place where we prepare for our concerts. We mainly play Rock/Pop.

We are students at the Atert Lycée.

In July 2013, Roundabout has released two singles, ‘Beautiful Thing’ and ‘Next to You’. ‘Beautiful Thing’ has been composed by Aydin, our second guitarist, and the other single, ‘Next to You’, has been composed by Christine, our singer.

band members

Max Berens (Guitarist)
Christine Heitz (Singer)
René Hoffmann (Bassist)
Tom Kneip (Drummer)
Aydin Ocakdan (Guitarist)

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Founded & Style
Founded: 2010
Style: Rock/pop
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