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Scarlet Anger

Scarlet Anger is a Luxembourgish Thrash Metal band founded in 2007 by vocalist Joe Block and guitarist Fred Molitor. They released a demo as well as 2 EPs. In 2007, their first EP „La realidad es triste“ was released and allowed them to play numerous gigs such as Wacken Open Air Metal Battle 2010 in Luxembourg, Food For Your Senses. Moreover, they were supporting the German metal act Primal Fear.

In 2011, Scarlet Anger won the public vote prize for Netrock Contest.

band members
Vocals: Joe Block
Guitars: Fred Molitor
Drums: Alain Flammang
Bassguitar: Vince Niclou
Guitars: Jeff Buchette
Social Networks
Founded & Style
2007 – Thrash metal

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