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Formed in 2009, ShadoWhisperS has gone through several changes, which has led to its varied line-up, now comprised of the darkest and most exotic, yet most sophisticated Shadows; here to guide their minions through worlds unknown.


ShadoWhisperS accepts the inner darkness all creatures covet and transform it into music, that is Symphonic Metal with a “Tincture of Gothic Fiction” it’s emotive Darkness that tells epic tales of the battle between Light and Dark, inner struggles, Heroes and Anti-heroes, Knights and Bards, and of course Life and Death.


We are Shadows that whisper truths, and seduce into taking off the blindfold.

band members
Larissa – Vocals
Sacha – Nordic Guitar
Andy – Progressive Guitar
Laurent – Keyboard
Piquet – Bass
Narthan – Drums
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Founded & Style
Symphonic Metal & Gothic


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