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.Destroy, Erase, Improve… that’s how the last three years in the life of S.K.O.R. could be described. The band nearly broke up after their singer had left the band in late 2010. But then the 4 remaining members had a change of heart and asked themselves: ‘Why give up when you still love what you do?!’ So they let go of the past and started on a new journey, leading them more and more away from ‘the cold side of the sun’, as they had named their first EP. New songs were written, a new singer was introduced and a new band philosophy was born. All this led to the beta version S.K.O.R. 2.0. It’s still ‘Some Kind Of Rock’ but the vibe has definitely changed. The music is more melodic and yet more aggressive at the same time. The results of this evolutionary process can be heard on a new CD that will be out this fall. Enter the maze!
band members
Vocals: Danny Jans
Guitar: Marcel Arens
Drums: Luc Weber
Bass: Gerry Kolodziej
Keys: Yves Weber
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