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Surf Cowboys

The Surf Cowboys started off as a one off project to record a few songs that had been lying around in the bottom of a draw for a while. After the break up of New Deal, Louis decided to record some of their best songs and added a few of his own.

Initially the first songs were recorded with Marion in Jang Linster’s studio in Frisange with a sequencer, drum machine and some vocals. Then they called …in Danilo and Mario to do the guitars while Louis played bass. Following that a whole bunch of friends turned up to do backing vocals, keyboards and drink lots of beer.

The second batch of songs were recorded at Klaus Gehlhaar’s One World Studio in Schifflange and the whole thing was mastered in Brussels and then the first Surf Cowboys CD was finished.

Louis asked his friend Michel Geimer to design the cover and it was then decided that any profits from the CD would go to the AIDS assistance of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

“Put the peanuts in the pussy” was released in March 1993 and was an instant success. The singles “not the way”, “nowhere to go” and “surf rap” all got massive airplay on the local radio stations and the phone did not stop ringing from people asking for the Surf Cowboys to play live.

The only problem was that there was no real band, so Louis called up all his friends who played on the album and the first line up of Surf Cowboys was created.

The first major gig was the RUK 1994 where the band played last at midnight and blew an unsuspecting public away. The following day CD sales went through the roof and the band immediately started on the follow up CD “New surf same deal”.

The CD was recorded over two months in Schifflange and produced two number one singles “Believe it or not” and “Crazy”.

The Surf Cowboys opened for many international bands including Toto, Deep Purple, Santana, Status Quo and Fish.

The band has re-formed in 2013 and are currently rehearsing and recording some new songs for a May release followed by many concerts in June & July 2014

band members

Louis Wright – Vocals
Klaus Gehlhaar – Bass & Vocals
Mario Di Stefano – Guitars
Danilo Linosa – Guitars & Vocals
Marion Thill – Guitars & Vocals
Troy Bankhead- Keys & Vocals
Dan Dechmann – Drums

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Founded & Style
Founded: 1992
Style: Rock
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