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Formed in 2009 after a rather merry evening, Tëschegas immediately decided from the beginning to use Luxembourgish lyrics in their songs. As a huge number of bands already combine Luxembourgish lyrics with acoustic music, the band members came up with the idea to play Metal instead, sometimes more melodic sometimes a little rougher. The lyrics come around with a dose of humour and (self-)irony and cover day-to-day issues („De Rowdy“, den „Tennisuarm“, „Familljendag“,…) as well as the history of the steel industry in the south of Luxembourg („Deng Päif ass Geschicht“, „Minetter vun Gottes Gnod“, „Zolwer Gras“,…). Always remember: You are pussy, cat and doll, we sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!
band members
Pol Montalto: Vocals
Christophe Morang: Guitar and backing vocals
Jérôme Hury: Guitar and backing vocals
Laurent Mancinelli: Bass
David Spitoni: Drums
Hubert Morang: Keyboards and Samples
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Founded & Style
2009  – Hard Rock/Metal
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