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The Carps’
theCARPS’ was formed in 2004 by Pol Belardi and Laurent Stirn in order to realize creative ideas and to get in touch with new musical worlds and sounds. The project started and proceeded quite sporadic at first, but after a while and some line-up changes the band became a trio. While Laurent Stirn left the band, Chris Belardi (also chief mart’s) and Aloyse Weyler (also Sad but true) joined Pol to complete the current Line up. Concerts were performed which helped the formation to improve and gain stage experience, as well as an individual sound and performance atmosphere. A major enemy of the band ist boredom, so they try to combine as many influences as possible, like 70es Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Post Rock, Indie Rock, Jazz,…
A first very limited demo was released in 2005. Their first album “Gaia” was released in May 2012
band members
Fons – Drums,…
Pol – Bass, vox,…
Chris – Guitar, vox,…
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Founded & Style
Psychedelic Soundscapes
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