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The Disliked
The Disliked started back in 2002 as a school band formed by some young guys affected by rock and roll. We got the sex, the drugs, there was just one thing missing : the rock and roll music ! So we went for it and played a trashy punkrock during a certain time. But times were changing and so did The Disliked. Some members left and others entered the crew. It was not always easy to keep up the band but we survived good as bad times. Even if we lost some members, we would still be glad to have them among us; isn’t it Jerry and Mike!?
band members
Raph – Vocals + Piano
Cedric – Guitar
Laurent – Guitar
Jean – Bass
Piedy – Drums
Chilles – Trumpet
Pascal – Percussion
Manou et Lou – Trombone
Ascani – SaxophoneUnplugged:
Ted and Jean-Marc – Violin
Kitty – Cello
Social Networks
Founded & Style
Ashcan Booking – raph@ashcanbooking.com
Germany: Rat Trap Booking – bo@rat-trap.de
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