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Weakonstruction started with another name (Rebellux) in 2005 in the North of Luxembourg. Rehearsing for about six month the band played their first concert with Acid Rain in Wiltz. Before this concert they kicked out their drummer and Christian Ries from Acid Rain played with them. During the year 2006 they played about 20 shows all over Luxembourg and in Arlon (Belgium). On the drums by that time was Thierry Kill and Guy Loor on the bass. They’ve been playing regulary 20 concerts per year until they changed the bass player 3 times. Romain Haas and Joé Gremling just joined to help out the band, before Ken Hermes came and took the bass. So they were again complete. End of 2008 Thierry Kill decided not to play the drums anymore. So Thierry Didelot came and took over his part. In 2009 Philippe Recht joined the band as 2nd guitar player. In February 2009 the band brought out their first EP “18 minute revolution”. And the first album”Reinventing Ourselves” was released in October 2013.
band members
De Pascal vu Wooltz: Vocals & Guitar
Miko: Guitar
Romain & Ben: Bass & Vocals
Mike: Drums
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Founded & Style
Punk Rock
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