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Birdbones flies again! New album “Phoenix” review

Since 2010 Birdbones have been playing on Luxembourg’s stages. Their successful single “Every Single One Of Us” was followed by an even more successful video clip. Birdbones had to struggle with a few Line-Up changes, after Deborah Lehnen and Sid Mysore had left the band. Romy Ouwerkerk completed the quartet in 2013. Birdbones 2.0 were born and by the end of this week finally ready to rise from the ashes, presenting their first album “Phoenix”.

At the beginning I’ve had some trouble associating their music to a specific genre. Birdbones themselves like to call it Fusion or a “rock-based mixture of a lot of styles”. And somehow they’re right. There are groovy, funky beats and jazzy elements. I can also clearly hear different rock and power-pop influences. And so much more.
Drummer Erik Stein and bassist Jonah Neuser did an excellent job. The rhythm section is groovy, tight and versatile. Dan Kramp’s guitars play a crucial role on this album. Mainly responsible for the melodic parts he managed to set the right accents. Although omnipresent there is no guitar overkill. The three of them have been working on the songs for more than two years. The results are impressive: nine powerful, atmospheric and dynamically rich songs.

Let’s move on to the part that we’ve all been waiting for. Deborah Lehnen certainly left a big pair of shoes to fill. Expectations were high – but Romy managed to satisfy, yes even surpass them in my opinion. Her voice fits perfectly into Birdbones’ new rock oriented sound. Romy shows great expressiveness and sensibility at the same time. She surprises with unexpected melody turns while preserving sovereignty throughout the whole album.

dan“The pieces fitted
now let them fall.
It will be alright”

The fifth track “Fire Flight” thematically connects to the album title, and this short extract from the chorus testifies that the band could benefit from the opportunity to work off their common past.

Another track I’d like to highlight is the last one: “Desert Winds”, a full-length instrumental outro dancing out of line. In my opinion this track is the closest to Birdbones’ origins. Spanish flamenco guitars meet Middle-Eastern strings cumulating into a true orgy of musical influences. The track is generally marked by its high intensity. To me “Desert Winds” creates the impression of a valve. On the one hand it allowed Birdbones to “recycle” material that would not quite have fit onto the other tracks. On the other it serves as a vent, enabling them to spend their last grains of energy and creativity at the end of an outstanding album.eric

I can only recommend this great collection of music to all but not only those who like rock, groovy beats, catchy tunes and thrilling atmospheres. The album is rich enough to enable every listener to fall in love with it. Interested? The video at the top of the page is a little taster!

Release party at Exit07!

The album will be released on 15th November at Exit07 in Hollerich. Birdbones will be supported by Emina Helena. Doors open at 9pm and entry costs €5. But for an extra €5 you’ll get the CD too!
Join the Facebook Event!
Birdbones Contact Corner:
Website: www.birdbones.com
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► YouTube: BirdbonesOfficial
► Twitter: birdbonesband
► FUZE www.fuze.lu/bands/Birdbones



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