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FUZE wants your music! – tracks@fuze.lu

With the aim of involving more new local music on the FUZE weekly radio show on DNR every Thursday from 8-9pm, we are searching for more tracks!
While we have regular interviews with local bands and focus on them in most of our shows, after a popular first test music-only broadcast at the beginning of January, we have decided to do this once a month.

To achieve this we want to play more variety of local music and involve more local bands to give them a chance of getting their music played on the radio.  Our monthly music-only show will be 100% local music from Luxembourg and the Greater Region, so we are launching a call for your best tracks that are good-enough quality and radio-playable on DNR.

Tracks should be:

  • Good quality recording in mp3, WAV,  ma4 or mpeg 4 (whatever that iTunes format is called).
  • Up to +/- 4 minutes
  • A style playable on the radio
  • Your own compositions
  • For your own benefit, your song should be registered with SACEM, but we can play non-registered too. Important: also on this point – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that registering your music with SACEM will give you less of a chance of being played on the radio. This is something we NEVER take into consideration, (i.e. only playing non-registered tracks because it costs less).

Send your tracks by email to: tracks@fuze.lu  and why not send your band info/press packs at the same time? Please don’t send complete albums by email though!

Alternatively for big files, using the same email address, we recommend, using the free file transfer system 

Or if you wish to give us your physical CD, (or files too big for email), either drop it off at the reception of the big Luxemburger Wort/DNR building in Gasperich or send by post for the attention of Adam Walder

DNR Radio
FUZE Luxembourg
Adam Walder
2 rue Christophe Plantin
L-2988 Luxembourg

Please note that just by sending your tracks, does not guarantee them airtime. We have to take style, quality and length into consideration, but hey – as far as we know, we’re the only show offering you this opportunity!

Please also note that your track is for the FUZE show only and you can send in confidence that it will not be spread all over the place.

Get sending – Looking forward to hearing from you!


One Response to “FUZE wants your music! – tracks@fuze.lu”

  1. Christian says:

    Hi, I heard a song yesterday at about 20.50 in the FUZE program on DNR. Is it possible to get the playlist / references of the artists? Thanks a lot.
    Do you have an archive of music files people can access by Internet?


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