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Review: ‘Rufus Ready’ are ready with new album!

Rufus Ready started life as a solo project until Jamie Jetpack and the rest of ‘the imaginary friends’ (as the band became known) joined in 2011. Now the act simply calls itself Rufus Ready. The band released their first album as well as a music video on 6th July in D:qliq, and FUZE got hold of a copy of the album to review it.

The album includes a mix between traditional and more experimental folk oriented songs as well as two instrumental tracks. All in all 8 tracks. However an attentive listener will identify a whole lot of different elements: grunge, funk, rock, singer/songwriter just to name a few. They have found their very own subtle style.

Exemplary for the band’s love for traditional folk is “The Tidal Wave”. The groovy walking bass and accompanying banjo (It’s a banjitar actually, experts may know the difference) make you slip into a Tenessee farmer’s shoes. The music video for this song was directed by Laurent Prim of Maps and Mazes.

If you like Neil Young, you’ll love Rufus Ready. Not only the catchy folk/country tunes such as “Tidal Waves” remind me of the folk legend I just mentioned but other tracks too. This is especially so for the beginning and the end of the instrumental track “Darjeeling” as well as “Train” sounding like a tribute to Neil Young’s experimental phase. “Darjeeling” is characterised by a hypnotic synthesizer humming throughout the whole song as well as the distinctive dirty guitar intro and outro.

The whole album was recorded at home and it sounds excellent to me. This is truly a fine piece of handmade music, which might sound dirty here and there but the sound fits perfectly to the music.

If you have ever wondered how cowboys of the 21st century would sound like, I’d totally suggest to check out  Rufus Ready.


Rufus Ready contact corner:
► Website: www.rufusready.com
► Facebook: www.facebook.com/rufusreadymusic
► Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/rufus-ready


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