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Review: “A Maze” new album from S.K.O.R.

Join S.K.O.R for official album release November 8th, Prabbeli in Wiltz!

Review – ►Artist: S.K.O.R  ►Album: A Maze ►Genre: Rock / Nu-Metal


“A Maze” Album cover

Track list:

1 – Enter The Maze

2 – Tommy Lobo

3 – Shadow of my Past

4 – The Unknown

5 – Speechless

6 – The Cold Side of the Sun

7 – Enigma

8 – Hybris

Waves are crashing. The atmosphere is totally surreal. Whispering voices invite you into the maze. Threatening and welcoming at the same time. The beginning of an ambiguous fairytale. The intro track “Enter the Maze” anticipates a core element of this record: a heavy usage of imagery.

The highly symbolic significance of the album title especially stands out on the third track “Shadow of my Past”. The track itself is marked by a break after approximately 4 minutes. One assumes the end of the track has come. However you’re faced with quotes of evilness, murder and guilt. Direct quotes by US serial killers Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson. At this point the fact that “A Maze” also refers to the aberrations of our minds becomes obvious.


Photo/Artwort: Tom Di Maggio

On the seventh track “Enigma” transfigured synthesizers meet creative guitar soloing. This is one of my personal favourites. It proves that S.K.O.R. spent a lot of time on writing and arranging their songs. Unfortunately they seem to overshoot the mark from time to time, causing a slightly overfilled sound impression. Nevertheless the creative arrangements outweighs the impression that vocals get occasionally lost in the mix.

After their almost-breakup in 2010, S.K.O.R reinvented themselves – “Destroy, Erase, Improve” to use the band’s own words. Danny Jans is the band’s lead singer since 2011. And he does a pretty good job! However the founding members did not forget to make a reference to their past. The track  “The Cold Side of the Sun” is named after the band’s first record.

Although the rather dark context may provide the grounds for believing that S.K.O.R.’s latest creation is not suitable for the mass market, I must admit that the record is an entertaining crossover experience. They managed to combine ingredients from Rock to Nu-Metal flavoured with electronic elements, leaving enough space to breathe without losing the thread.

I agree that it is quite heavy and not everybody likes this kind of music. But once you’ve arrived in the middle of the maze you’ll be straying around losing yourself in the sounds of this “A Maze”-ing local music act.

You can get your hands on a digital copy of “A Maze” already on iTunes.

Join the S.K.O.R for “A Maze” album release party!
The album  will be officially released on November 8th at the Prabbeli in Wiltz.
S.K.O.R will be supported by
All the Way Down. Entry costs 5€. Doors 8pm.

But you’ll more likely spend an additional 5€ and get a copy + entry instead.

S.K.O.R contact corner
Website: www.skor.lu
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► On FUZE: www.fuze.lu/bands/skor
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