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Sonic Visions Thursday: All about the Greater Region


At FUZE we are often asked by bands, “how can we play outside of Luxembourg in the Greater Region?”, and it seems many acts want to make that obvious next step outside the Grand Duchy but find it hard to locate the information on how to go about it.

Therefore we think for most of you reading this that Thursday 20th November at the Sonic Visions festival is probably the most important day if that is your main goal. This is why we’ve written a specific article here for Thursday…

Sonic Visions Music Conferences & Festival  – Thursday programme!
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GIGGING IN THE GREATER REGIONThe first conference of the day at 2pm is entitled “Gigging in the Greater Region: Luxembourg, France, Belgium & Germany” with a panel of promoters, agents and artist there to explain everything from getting that gig over the border, best practices and the differences in each country. You may even be able to present your band to regional promoters too! 

THE GREATER REGIONThen comes the conference “The Greater Region: A gateway to the international market?“. Musicians and music professionals will explain how making a name for yourself and building up a your own network in the Greater Region can be an important step to making it internationally

MULTIPISTES PRESS CONFERENCEThe last conference of the day is the Multipistes press conference, although is open to everyone!  For those who don’t know, Multipistes is a network of nine organisations dotted all over the Greater Region, so in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany. It is supported by the European Union and helps selected upcoming bands in the region with training and support in many aspects of being a viable act. Training in such things as stage performance, recording, and compositions amongst other things.

Showcase time! 

And so the evening showcase concerts then begin, keeping the Greater Region theme as all the acts performing are part of the Multipistes network. Discover some great bands from the region! In fact why seek out a band from the region that matches your music style and chat with them after their gig. Twinning with another band over the border is a great way to play in other countries and of course make great connections and friends!

Greater Region concert line-up for Thursday!
(Click images to go to Sonic Visions page for more info)



BITCHÆÏKÙU – (have fun pronouncing it) are a rock band from the Moselle region of France playing at 19:30



THE TRAMPS call themselves a “punk rock ‘n’ roll band” and they come from Belgium, playing at 20:10


could be described as acoustic American-stye rock, but the actually come from Saarbrucken in Germany, and play at 20:50

LUNA GRITT play a gritty style of Brit pop and come from Saint Dié in France. They play at 21:30


COLLINE HILL is a singer-songwriter from Belgium playing “organic indie-folk” as she puts it. Catch her at 22:10


BOUTHER BOUTHER – These guys are a pop duo from France and play at 22:50


SMELLS LIKE GRANDMA come from Mannhein in Germany and play an indie/alternative style.See them at 23:30


Want to know what’s happening on Friday – Day2 of Sonic Visions? Well then, click here! And day 3 Saturday click here!

For more information, and about the other two days of the festival, visit the the website: www.sonicvisions.lu

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